Installing on Windows

This documentation assumes you are using either Internet Information Server(IIS) or Personal Web Server (PWS).

Note: This documentation is somewhat brief. Somebody might like to write some more detailed instructions and submit them to

Copy dbcgi-odbc.exe to a web server directory that is configured with execute permission for executables (for example, c:\inetpub\scripts). You can now create dbCGI files in your document root directory and access them by using a URL that includes the path to dbcgi-odbc.exe, followed by the path to a file with the SQL extension. For example, if you placed dbcgi-odbc.exe in c:\inetpub\scripts, and placed a dbCGI source file called filename.sql in c:\inetpub\wwwroot, you can use the following URL:

This example assumes your web server is called "".

Alternatively, if you are using IIS, you can configure an application mapping for ".sql" files, specifying dbcgi-odbc.exe as the executable for all verbs. If you do this, you can omit the "scripts/dbcgi-odbc.exe" sequence. Additionally, users won't be able to view the dbCGI source files.

Example URL with this configuration: